驻加拿大大使“汉语桥 中国缘”招待会致辞

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驻加拿大大使章均赛在“汉语桥 中国缘”招待会上的致辞
  2011年4月23日 渥太华
  Speech at the "Chinese Bridge" Reception by Ambassador Zhang Junsai
  April 23, 2011, Ottawa

  Members of the faculty,
  My dear students,
  It’s a real pleasure to have you all with us today. My colleagues in the Educational Section told me, that you are very interested in Chinese and the Chinese culture. They said that the young men and women present today are the "old China hands" among Canadian college students. (Laughter.) I have no doubt about that.
  It’s been five months since I came to Canada. I’ve traveled around and met many Canadians. One thing that surprised and inspired me was that many of these people, a lot older than you are, preferred to talk to me in Chinese. (Laughter.) I’m excited and frustrated at the same time- Excited because more Canadians know about or are getting to know about China. Frustrated because I realized that there will be little time left for me to polish my English here. (Laughter.) That doesn’t sound so good. (Laughter.)
  Now, to those of you who find learning Chinese a piece of cake, I say to you, as any Chinese your age would comment at the moment: 你们真给力, meaning You Rock. (Laughter.) To those of you who had a hard time with Chinese, I say to you: we all did. That’s what happens when you take on a foreign language. So hang in there, don’t give up. To me, language learning is like hockey. To play like a pro, you’ve got to do three things- practice, practice, practice. (Laughter.)
  When it comes to studying Chinese, a language where people talk like singing, write like sketching, different characters sound the same, same character reads differently, there’s no detour. No wonder some people say if you can be fluent in Chinese, there’s nothing you cannot do. (Laughter.)
  Just as hockey is much more than a winter sport, the Chinese language is way beyond a tool for communication. It’s the carrier of China’s culture, the growing legacy of Chinese wisdom and a way of life and thinking.
  In your course of study: You will learn not only the tones but also China’s 5000 years of history. You will understand not only the concision and elegance of characters but also Chinese philosophies of benevolence, love of people and pursuit of harmony without uniformity. You will get not only the idioms but how China sees the world and itself.
  This is why hundreds of thousands of college students made Chinese as their language of choice from London to New Delhi to right here in Ottawa. This is why President Obama announced that the US will send 100,000 students to study in China in five years. This is also why Chinese is riding a wave of popularity with more than 40 million learners around the world.



驻加拿大大使“汉语桥 中国缘”招待会致辞